Dim Sum

Comprising tasty steamed dumplings and rolls, dim sum platters are the perfect bite-sized accompaniment to almost every, if not all, the dishes on our menu. Here at PappaRich, we are pleased to present a small selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dim sum to our valued diners.

At PappaRich, we work with fresh food in our kitchens and our chef's handle all types of ingredients. As such, we cannot guarantee the absence of traces of any allergen in our food. We do our best to ensure that these ingredients are kept out of reach, however cannot confirm that there would be no contamination via air or utensil contact. Customer safety is of the utmost importance and we feel that it's only right to be totally transparent with such issues and do hope you understand our honesty.
Vegetarian Shui Kau


Consists of soybean, starch, water chestnuts, carrots and black fungus mushroom.

(3 pieces)

Vegetarian Fu Chook (Beancurd Skin) Rolls


Consists of soybean, starch, water chestnuts and carrots.

(3 pieces)

Prawn Dumplings


Consists of prawns, soybean, sesame, egg, starch and bamboo shoots.

(3 pieces)

Chicken Dumplings


Consists of chicken, cabbage, carrots and egg.

(3 pieces)