As the saying goes, sharing is caring. It is in our culture to share, and what better thing to share than delicious Malaysian food? At PappaRich, there is a little something for everyone, whether it is Chips with Nuggets for the kiddos or the sinfully delicious Crispy Chicken Skin for everyone. Order a side of Curry Chicken or Beef Rendang with rice for a satisfying meal, and we also have standalone veggie dishes to complement our extensive variety of food. Read on!

At PappaRich, we work with fresh food in our kitchens and our chef's handle all types of ingredients. As such, we cannot guarantee the absence of traces of any allergen in our food. We do our best to ensure that these ingredients are kept out of reach, however cannot confirm that there would be no contamination via air or utensil contact. Customer safety is of the utmost importance and we feel that it's only right to be totally transparent with such issues and do hope you understand our honesty.
Pappa Fried Chicken Wings


6 pieces of marinated chicken wings deep fried to a golden hue and served with chilli sauce.

Chips with Nuggets


Chips with Nuggets

Tandoori Chicken


Indian style roasted chicken served with raita, a wedge of lime and sliced red onion.

Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin


Crispy crunchy marinated chicken skin is the must-try sinfully delicious bites in PappaRich.




Premium (Free Range) Hainan Chicken


Our Chicken rice menu just got even bigger. The free range option comes with a splash of soy sauce and brushes of fragrant onion oil all over. Perfect with a bowl of steamed rice! 

Pappa Signature Quails


Papparich's very own delicious juicy, succulent quails with sweet spiced aromatic sauce. So addictive, one is never enough! *Only Avalable in VIC 

Sambal Spinach (Kangkung)


Delicious water spinach stir-fried with fragrant dried shrimp paste, tastiest when eaten with a bowl of steamed rice! 

Stir Fried Bean Sprout with Salted Fish


Stir fried fresh bean sprout with salted fish, chives in light soy sauce, tastiest when eaten with steamed rice!

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce


Chinese brocolli stir fried with oyster sauce and topped with fried shallots, tastiest when eaten with steamed rice.