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How is PappaRich different and unique?

By now you might have heard of PappaRich when talking about Malaysian cuisine with your friends or family, or perhaps you had a craving for nasi lemak and someone pointed you to us.

While PappaRich has certainly come a long way since the opening of our first store in Australia, PappaRich QV Square in Victoria, in March 2012, we have no intention of resting on our laurels, as we continue to expand and bring our particular brand of authentic, delicious Malaysian food to ever more locations.

That being said, we thought we’d also share with you the story of how PappaRich came to Australia.

In early 2011, noticing a real need for quality, authentic Malaysian fare in Australia, Melbourne resident Mr Saw began speaking to PappaRich, a leading Malaysian restaurant chain.

By the end of the year, he had successfully joined forces with PappaRich in Malaysia to create PappaRich Australia Pty Ltd, the result of a joint venture between the PappaRich Group in Malaysia and STG Food Industries Pty Ltd.

Fuelled by a strong desire to share authentic Malaysian cuisine with the Australian people, PappaRich Australia worked hard to find a balance between comfort, quality and price as a complete customer experience. That focus has paid off, and today, our unique combination of Asian cuisine and family friendly dining experience remains one of our strengths.

In keeping with our commitment to quality and comfort, the glass-wrapped open kitchens and bars at many of our establishments allow customers an intimate look at how their meals are being prepared and assembled. For many of our customers, it’s their first time watching a roti canai being made, which adds yet another dimension to the overall experience when you visit a PappaRich outlet.

We also pay special attention to maintaining the consistency of our customers’ dining experience across space, service and flavour regardless of the outlet, and our central kitchen plays a major role in ensuring that all ingredients for each outlet are delivered fresh, and that the meals are cooked to perfection.

As of July 2016, there are 22 PappaRich restaurants across Australia and New Zealand, so look out for the outlet nearest to you and give us a go! Or you could check out our list of current stores here.

More outlets are in the pipeline, including stores in WA (Corkburn), NSW (Sydney CBD) and QLD (Sunnybank), and we hope that as our outlet numbers rise, so too will the appreciation of fine yet affordable Malaysian cuisine, delivered in the exceptional surrounds that is PappaRich restaurants.

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