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Introducing the PappaRich Loyalty app!

Loyal fans of PappaRich now have more reason to get excited about their favourite restaurant. On 23rd March, we are launching our very own PappaRich app, which you can download from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Our reasons for launching the app were several, but most of all we wanted to reward you, our most loyal customers. With the app, you can now collect Pappa Points when you dine at PappaRich, and use the points that you have accumulated to redeem items from the menu or other products.

All you have to do is download the app, create an account using your email address or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account, and make sure you scan your unique member QR code every time you enjoy a PappaRich meal – it’s that simple!


How do the points work?

Once your account has been set up, you can start to accumulate points for every dollar you spend in any PappaRich outlet in Australia. It doesn’t matter whether you dine in or order takeaway, just remember to scan your unique QR code to start earning those Pappa Points. $1 is worth 10 points, so if your bill adds up to $50, that’s 500 points!


What can I redeem?

Items for redemption range from pre-packed coffee products (1900 points) and Pappa Delicious Concoctions (3000 points) to Roti Canai with Curry Chicken, Curry Laksa (Chicken) or Pappa Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken (6000 points).


Do the points expire?

Your Pappa Points have no expiry date so you’ll never lose out on the points that you have accumulated – not even if you (or your child) accidentally deletes the PappaRich app!


Special promotion!

Excited about the PappaRich app? So are we! That is why customers who download the PappaRich app between 23rd March and 23rd April and register with the app will receive a free Roti Canai. Don’t miss out. Hurry over to Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the PappaRich app today!

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