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The perfect Malaysian breakfast: Hainan bread with white coffee

If you’ve been to PappaRich before, you would surely have noticed that one of our menu offerings is Hainan bread with white coffee. For those who aren’t familiar with it, this is actually a very popular breakfast option for Malaysians, as easily obtained from the small neighbourhood coffee shops as they are from established restaurants such as PappaRich in Malaysia.

Not sure how Hainan bread differs from the traditional white loaf? The tradition of Hainan bread originated from the last group of Chinese settlers from Hainan who came to Malaya, and its recipe is a fusion of Chinese and Western culinary cultures.

A good loaf of Hainan bread is crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside, and it is best served with a generous slather of butter and kaya (coconut jam). This is almost always accompanied by a hot cup of coffee or Milo.

Here at PappaRich in Australia, our Hainan bread is made with a 70-year-old recipe, and is served with either butter and kaya, or curry chicken if you prefer something with a more substantial kick.

Enjoyed together with our white coffee, and sometimes with a side of soft boiled eggs, it is delicious and satisfying, so it’s not surprising that our Hainan bread and white coffee combo is one of our most popular menu items.

Back in Malaysia, it’s not uncommon for a group of friends, whether young or old, to catch up at a local coffee shop and enjoy some Hainan bread and white coffee together. Now, thanks to PappaRich, those of us in Australia can do the same!