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Uni-ted: PappaRich Making a difference for Uni Students

Here at PappaRich, we know what it’s like to be a university student – after all, we were once uni students ourselves! Being able to provide university students here in Australia with an authentic taste of Asia, particularly of Malaysian cuisine, is one of the reasons we love our job so much, and that is also why we make it a point to support and work with university students here in Australia where we can.

The perks of being a student society member

PappaRich takes pride in the fact that we have been working with and sponsoring university student societies and associations since day one of our operations – and we will continue to do so. So far this year, we have already partnered with 21 university student associations, including:

  • Melbourne Uni Australasian Association (Aa)
  • ASEAN Monash
  • Korean Appreciation Student Association of Monash (KASA)
  • Malaysian Medical Students and Alumni Victoria (MAMSA)
  • Malaysians of Melbourne University (MOMU)
  • Monash Photography Club (MPC)
  • Monash Taiwanese Student Association (MTSA)
  • Monash University Indonesian Students Association (MUISA)
  • Monash University Malaysian Students (MUMSU)
  • Singaporeans Of Victoria (SOV)
  • Malaysian Student Society of Monash Caufield (MASS)
  • USYD Singapore Students’ Society  (SSS USYD)
  • Sydney University Association Of Malaysian Students (SUAMS USYD)
  • UTS Postgraduate Business Society (UTS PBS)
  • UWA Malaysian Cultural Society (UWA MCS)
  • Association of Malaysian Students of Curtin University (AMS Curtin)
  • AISEC in QUT
  • Queensland Filipino Youth Association (QFYA)
  • Queensland University of Technology Japan Association (QUT-Japan)
  • Queensland University of Technology Malaysian Association (QUT MSYA)
  • University of Queensland Singapore Students’ Society (UQSSS)


There’s more good news: members of the student societies that we sponsor actually enjoy a free drink with every purchase of a main dish when they dine at PappaRich. And because a main dish is anything from our rice, noodles and vegetarian section, there is so much variety to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice!

To redeem, all you have to do is show your student society membership card and Pappa Loyalty App member QR code (look out for the PappaRich app that is coming out soon) to the waiter/waitress when placing your order. Then select a free drink from the following list to go with your main meal:

  • Teh Tarik (Hot)        
  • Teh Tarik (Cold)
  • White Coffee (Hot)????
  • White Coffee (Iced)????
  • Fresh Lemon Honey (Hot)
  • Lemon Tea with Honey (Hot)
  • Fresh Lemon Honey (Iced)
  • Lemon Tea (Iced)????
  • Barley (Iced)????
  • Barley (Hot)????
  • Kopi O (Hot)????
  • Kopi O (Iced)

Just remember, however, that this benefit only applies to orders in PappaRich Australia’s full-scale stores, and not at our express stores.

Check out a PappaRich outlet that is close to your campus

Many university students juggle studies, part time work and, of course, a vibrant social life, and we know that sometimes getting a good meal can drop down the list of priorities.

PappaRich wants to be there for university students, especially those who are new to Australia, who want a good, hearty meal or who might even be feeling a little homesick. Let us take the worry out of what you’re going to eat for your next meal so you can focus on your studies and activities!

In addition to our full-scale stores all across Australia, PappaRich has one of our first express stores, PappaRich Monash Express, in Monash University Clayton. Students in Melbourne University and RMIT in the CBD area are also conveniently close to PappaRich QV, which is very popular.

Are you craving a taste of home or simply want some delicious, authentic Asian cuisine? Try your nearest PappaRich outlet – you won’t be disappointed. And if you’re a university student and keen to find out more about our partnerships with student societies and events, go here for more information or send a proposal to for review. We look forward to hearing from you!