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Have your very own PappaRich Restaurant

Do you believe that our authentic, delicious brand of Malaysian food should be available everywhere? We are on a nationwide search for franchise partners, so if you are passionate, hardworking, awesome at leading a team and love interacting with customers, you just might be what we are looking for!

Who is eligible?

The following is a list of attributes that we are looking for in our PappaRich franchise partners:

  • Passion – Passion for growth, food and the brand
  • Attitude – Positive attitude in business and human relations
  • Responsible – The ability to be a responsible franchisee and store manager

Why PappaRich?

Become Part of a Growing Food Culture

From Malaysia to Melbourne to New York, we are a growing brand with a presence in 11 countries. Our aim is to showcase Malaysian cuisine to the world, and also to bring the Malaysian diaspora closer to home with our authentic Malaysian food.

Share Our Food with the World

The PappaRich menu features an extensive variety of authentic Malaysian favourites that customers can enjoy all day, all week! We take our food seriously and have established a research and development (R&D) centre to ensure consistency in our food, as well as proper quality control.

We Are with You Every Step of the Way

For every project, we have a very dedicated team that will assist and guide franchisees through the process of owning a PappaRich franchise. All relationships with our franchisees are highly valued, therefore support after trade is established to provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind. Whether it is marketing, management, operations or logistics, the PappaRich Australia team is committed to helping all franchisees operate their outlets effectively.

6 Steps to Owning a PappaRich Restaurant

1. Enquire

Should you be interested in owning a PappaRich (PPR) franchise, send an enquiry to In return you will receive an information pack containing a franchise application form that will have to be completed, and our FAQ brochure. The franchise application form is non-binding as it allows us to discover your goals and understanding of the brand.

2. Meet & Greet - Franchisee Selection

A meeting will be arranged for us to meet, both for us to know you better and for you to understand what we are all about! This is a chance to answer any queries or lay down any concerns that you might have. There will also be a process to determine whether we are a good fit for one another.

3. Review of Business Plan and Financials

The franchisee candidate provides their business plan and financial model to PPR. An Expression of Interest (EOI) form will be given to the franchisee once PPR is satisfied with the information received.

4. Completion of EOI

Once the EOI is completed and the deposit paid, PPR will provide copies of our Franchise Agreement, Disclosure Document and Franchise Code of Conduct for the candidate to review.

5. Site Selection

Once the candidate has fulfilled the franchisee selection criteria, we will begin talks on prospective sites. Some location options will be provided to you for consideration, depending on availability and suitability of a site. If you have a location in mind and are confident about its potential, please feel free to share.

6. Franchise Grant: Lease, Franchise Agreement, and Action!

Lease negotiations will be initiated. From this point forward, all relevant parties will work hand-in-hand to establish a new and exciting outlet! Our project management team will handle the nitty-gritties, so sit back and enjoy the process.

Franchisee Training 

An intensive training course will be provided for at least one month prior to the outlet’s opening. This training will ensure that you and your team have all the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to operate a PappaRich outlet efficiently and effectively.

PappaRich Outlet Grand Opening 

Congratulations! After weeks of waiting, your outlet is now operational! Our team will provide on-site support during the opening weeks to ensure that you can run the outlet properly. After that, we will have occasional visits to check on how you are doing. If you have any issues during the term of your franchise, please get in touch with our support team anytime. We will be here to assist you.

Want to know more?

If you are seriously considering becoming part of the PappaRich family, please contact us at or call us on (03) 9645 4667 for more information.


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