1. When will the app be discontinued?
    PappaRich has phased out the app from Wednesday 30th June, with the loyalty points system being frozen from this date, and app being discontinued and taken offline on Tuesday 30th November.
  2. What will happen to my points?
    Your points will be frozen from Wednesday 30th June, but as a token of our gratitude for your kind support and loyalty, PappaRich will be saying goodbye to the app with a special gift for all of our loyalty point customers. Check back in on the app on to find out what we have in store for you!
  3. How do I use my loyalty gift/voucher?
    Simply login to your account on the PappaRich app on your phone, go to the ‘Gifts’ tab of the ‘Members’ section of the app, and you will find your special gift from PappaRich. Click ‘Redeem’ and show.
  4. How long do I have to use my loyalty gift?
    All gifts and vouchers will expire on Tuesday 30th November 2021.
  5. Why does my app say I have 0 points?
    The PappaRich loyalty program has been discontinued, but don’t fret! As a token of our gratitude for your kind support and loyalty, there is a special gift for you in the ‘Gifts’ tab of the ‘Members’ section of the app, which you can redeem up until Tuesday 30th November 2021.
  6. Will there be anything to replace the app / loyalty points program?
    At this stage, PappaRich is still working on it - keep an eye on our social media channels for any future news and promotions.
  7. What are the devices / software that support the PappaRich app?
    iPhones, Android devices but not blackberry and windows devices.
  8. Where do I get the Pappa App?
    Download the PappaRich app from the Apple App Store or Google Play
    Create an account (using email/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) and you will be provided with a Member QR code that is unique to your details.
  9. Are the points transferrable?
    No, points are not transferrable.
  10. Can the points be shared?
    No, as PappaRich does not accommodate for split bills, therefore points will only be added to the account holder who taps his/her app QR code during payment.
  11. Will I be able to use the same account on other devices?
    Yes! The PappaRich App supports multi-devices!
    To ensure that you’re able to log in to other devices with the same account, please verify your login using the same email address and password used to create your account. Subsequently you may use the Email and password to login via multi-devices.
    Example 1, if you create your first account using the email and password option. You can use the email and password to login via multi-devices.
    Example 2, when you create your first account using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please remember to also create a password in the User Profile page.
  12. Can I have more than one account?
    Yes, you can! However, the points collected will be different as you are logged into two different email accounts.
  13. Do Pappa Points expire?
    Yes. PappaRich Points are valid for 2 years from the date they are earned and expires in sequential order.
    After 24 months, unused Points will expire and be removed from the Members account
  14. Will I lose my points if I lose my phone or change my phone?
    No. As long as you sign in with the same email account. However, your points may have expired if left unused for 24 months.
  15. Help! I’ve forgotten my password!
    No stress! Click the Forgot password button and follow the instructions!


Coconut paradise 3000
Ribena Melon3000
Tropical Lime3000
Mango Mania3000
Roti Canai with Curry Chicken6000
Curry Laksa (Chicken)6000
Pappa Chicken Rice with steamed chicken6000
Vegetarian Char Koay Teow 6000
Nasi Lemak with Vegetarian Curry Mutton6000

Chicken curry puff 1300
Roti Canai with Curry Chicken 4800
Curry Laksa (Chicken) 4800
Pappa Chicken Rice with steamed chicken 4800
Vegetarian Char Koay Teow 4800
Nasi Lemak with Vegetarian Curry Mutton 4800
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings on Rice 4800

* Note that outlets are to bear the cost of all redeemed items.

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